Friday, October 8, 2010

How to prepare History subject for group-2

* Much scope is present in this division to score maximum marks out of 150 marks of paper-1. Minimum 25 questions will be asked.
* But the extent of Indian history is vast. So, one has to concentrate on this topic.
* Any kind of questions right from the Stone Age to the independence of India can be asked.
* Ancient period, medieval period and modern period ……….equal number of questions from each of this topic are asked. So, it is necessary to prepare these subjects deeply.
* In recent years, some questions from history are tough as like that of UPSC exam while some others are easy.
* Example for tough questions: 1) What is the traditional book which details about internal business. Answer for this question is Satapati Brahmanam.
* Example for easy questions: 1) In which year, Akbar succeeded the throne?
* Hence high standard books are to be used while preparing this subject.

Reference books for History subject for the preparation of grorup-2 are

1. NCERT Books.

2. History books of tenth and intermediate first year.

3. Ambedkar Open University MA books for independence movement.

4. English medium candidates can refer UPSC general studies history part.

5. Jayam Series - Indian History Quick Reference Material

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