Friday, October 8, 2010

How to prepare for Polity division for Group - 2

* In this division, main features of Indian constitution, preamble to Indian constitution, primary rights, Indian parliament, special features, central and state governments, distribution of powers between them, legislative, administrative and legal systems’ role have to be studied deeply according to the specified syllabus.
* For this, one can study BA second year syllabus to study about Indian government and Indian constitution.
* Panchayati Raj system; 73,74 constitutional amendments, their importance; important dates and other aspects should be focused. For this, one can refer public administration books of degree third year.
* Questions related to Welfare governing, women, scheduled castes, tribes, SC and ST reservation, Indian SC and ST commissions, names of their heads, tenure, minority commission, human rights commission, information commission are guaranteed.
* For these topics, refer public administration books of BA second year.
* Awareness on Legislative systems, their functions, answerable qualities, political theory regarding crisis are necessary. For this, one can study degree first year politics syllabus.
* Have command on recent events regarding parliamentary system; constitutional amendments; relations between states and center.
* Those who are attempting group-2 for the first time, can refer previous five years papers of UPSC prelims to know the question paper pattern of polity. One can be assured of half of the marks in this division, as a result of this kind of practice.
* Good results can be got even when the previous years’ papers of APPSC Junior Lecturers’ question papers are studied.
* Those who are attempting group-2 for the first time, might undergo tension and confusion on seeing the syllabus of polity. This is very much common but one can score more marks when they develop clear awareness or clarity on the topics.
* Hence, it is better to study NCERT 8th to 12th standard civils and political science books.
* In the same way, information given about Indian political system in the India Year Book will also be useful.
* Also, one should study about the President, Governor, Supreme court, High court and their constitutional chapters; verdicts of Supreme court (particularly Golaknath, Kesavanadabharati, Minerva and other cases).
* There is also chance to ask questions out of syllabus, which are not present in the polity syllabus of APPSC.
* Hence, focus on the education right bill, right to information act and other latest changes in the center.
* Group-2 is a state level exam. In this context, one should have complete awareness on the latest issues pertaining to Andhra Pradesh.
* One should know more about Sri Krishna Committee, Telangana movement, Andhra movement, 6 point plan and other such aspects. These years, we can find questions about contemporary aspects in polity question paper.

Reference Books:

1. Telugu Akademi Or Ambedkar Open University books.

2. Books available in degree level about Indian Political system and about governance.

3. Political news & Articles at Daily News Papers

4. Jayam Series - Indian Polity & Constitution for Group-2

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