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Economy & Industry

1. Which of the following is not a Central Government tax?
a. Corporation Tax
b. Land Revenue
c. Customs Duty
d. Income Tax
Ans : B

2. The main cause of International Trade is
a. Equal cost difference
b. Absolute cost difference
c. Comparative cost difference
Ans :C

3. Which petroleum company has introduced an improved quality petrol called 'Speed'?
a. Bharat Petroleum
b. Indian Oil
c. Hindustan Petroleum
d. None of these
Ans : A

4. In the recent past, Reliance has found the gas in..........
a. Mumbai offshore
b. Mahanadi basin
c. Krishna -Godavari basin
d. Kaveri basin
Ans : C

5. Which company uses the ad line, 'Knowing is everything'?
a. BBC World
b. Star
c. Sony
d. Zee
Ans : A

6. K.L.M. Royal Airlines belongs to
a. Italy
b. Japan
c. Netherlands
d. Austria
Ans : C

7. Who among the following persons is closely associated with the leading company ITC Ltd?
a. M.S Banga
b. K. Gopalkrishnan
c. Yogi Deveshwar
d. Deepak Satwalekar
Ans : C

8. Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana has been launched by
a. National Insurance Co.
b. United India Insurance Co.
c. LIC of India
d. Oriental Insurance Co.
Ans : C

9. Suvidha Fixed Deposit scheme was launched by which bank?
c. SBI
d. City Bank
Ans : A

10. BPO is an abbreviation for
a. Bharat Petroleum Organisation
b. Business Process Outsourcing
c. Business Products Outsourcing
d. Bharat Pesticides Outlet
Ans : B

11. Which one of the following is not manufacturing mobile telephone handsets?
a. Samsung
b. Nokia
c. Videocon
d. Sony
Ans : C

12. Which is the largest tea producing country in the world?
a. Kenya
b. Indonesia
c. China
d. India
Ans : D

13. Recession in the market implies
a. Slump in trade & industry due to fall in demand
b. Increase in trade industry due to rise in demand
c. No change in trade and industry due to stability in demand
d. None of these
Ans : A

14. 'Bottle neck inflation' means
a. No rise in prices despite increase in aggregate demand
b. Rise in prices without increase in the aggregate demand
c. Decline in prices due to increase in aggregate demand
d. None of these
Ans : B

15. Nandan Nilekani is associated with which company?
a. Satyam Computers
b. Wipro
c. Infosys
d. Polaris
Ans : C

16. Which is South Korea's largest car manufacturing company?
a. Hyundai
b. Honda
c. Suzuki
d. Toyota
Ans : A

17. Ashok Leyland is owned by the
a. Tatas
b. Birlas
c. Hindujas
d. None of these
Ans : C

18. NABARD stands for
a. National Bank of Agriculture and Regional Development
b. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
c. National Bureau of Aeronautical Research and Development
d. None of these
Ans : B

19. The part of profit or other surpluses of a company distributed proportionately among shareholders is called
a. Preference Share
b. Equity Share
c. Face Value
d. None of these
Ans : B

20. Which brand/company uses the ad line "We know India better"?
a. Max New York Life Insurance
b. LIC of India
c. Amul
d. Bajaj
Ans : B

21. Zero Coupon Bonds are that variety of loans
a. which fail to yield an income for the creditors
b. which are issued at a discount and redeemed at par
c. on which the entire interest income is paid at the time of purchase
d. the market price of which may fall suddenly and heavily
Ans : B

22. The term 'Third World' refers to
Economically developing nations

23. ADB was setup in the year

24. National Stock Exchange (NSE) was established in the year

25. SEBI was established in the year

26. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) was setup in the year

27. GIC was setup in the year

28. LIC was established in the year

29. HDFC was established in the year

30. HUDCO was setup in the year

31. NABARD was established in the year

32. SIDBI was setup in the year

33. IDBI was setup in the year

34. Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI) was established in the year

35. Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) was established in the year

36. Reserve Bank of India was established in the year

37. The oldest oil refinery in India is located in
Digboi (Assam)

38. Command Area Development Program was launched to
Ensure better utilization of irrigation potential

39. Which two iron and steel plants have been setup in collaboration with the former Soviet Union
Bokaro and Bhilai

40. Which city is known as the silicon valley of India

41. Ranigiri in Andhra Pradesh is famous for

42. Where has the Geological Survey of India located most of India Chromite deposits

43. Firozabad in U.P is famous for which industry

44. Which is the largest rubber producing state in India

45. Ankaleshwar in India is known for the production of
a. Petroleum
b. Coal
c. Iron ore
d. Bauxite
Ans : A

46. For which one of the following items, Tirupur is famous as a huge exporter to many parts of the world
a. Handicrafts
b. Gems and Jewelry
c. Leather goods
d. Knitted garments
Ans : D

47. Which of the following Indian cities was the venue for the festival of Gold 2005
a. Chennai
b. Delhi
c. Kolkotha
d. Bangalore
Ans : B

48. Which of the following states is the largest producer of cashew nuts in India
a. Tamil Nadu
b. Assam
c. Kerala
d. Karnataka
Ans : C

49. Which Indian state leads in the production of cotton

50. The region known as the Rice-Bowl of India is
Krishna-Godavari Delta region


1.Name the world only floating National park

Ans : Keibul Lamjao

2.Kimberley mines in South Africa is famous for
a. Silver
b. Coal
c. Gold
d. Diamonds
Ans : D

3.The length of the river Nile from its remotest headstream in Burundi is

Ans : 6695 km

4.Which is the principle source of the river Nile

Ans : Lake Victoria

5.The longest river in the world Nile flows north to the Mediterranean Sea through the countries

Ans : Uganda, Sudan and Egypt

6.The term Dawn Under denotes
a. Arctic Ocean
b. Australia
c. Cape of Good Hope
d. South Pole
Ans : B

7.The term COP is related with

Ans : UN framework on climate change held in Italy

8.Pong dam has been constructed over the river

Ans : Beas

9.What is Angkor Wat of Kampuchea

Ans : A temple

10.Which is the longest river in the African continent

Ans : Nile

11.What is sobriquet (Geographical surname) of Finland

Ans : The land of Thousand Lakes

12.Durand line is the International boundary which separates the countries

Ans : Pakistan-Afghanistan

13.Which countries are linked by the Khyber Pass

Ans : Afghanistan and Pakistan

14.The longest river in the world Nile, drains into which sea

Ans : Mediterranean Sea

15.Po is the largest river of

Ans : Italy

16.The Great Barrier Reef is situated on the coast of

Ans : Australia

17.The third largest continent in the world

Ans : North America

18.The longest river of Europe is

Ans : Volga

19.A European country has 5500 lakes within its territory. Which is the country

Ans : Finland

20.Eritrea is on the banks of which sea

Ans : Red sea

21.The Grand Canyon is located on the

Ans : Colorado River

22.The second largest desert in the world is

Ans : Gobi

23.The largest desert in the world is

Ans : Sahara

24.Location of Mohave desert is in

Ans : Southwestern United States

25.Location of Simpson desert is in

Ans : Australia

26.Location of Thar desert is in

Ans : India/Pakistan

27.Location of Kyzyl Kum desert is in

Ans : Uzbekistan

28.Location of Kalahari desert is in

Ans : Southwestern Africa

29.Location of Sonoran desert is in

Ans : Mexico/southwestern United States

30.Takla Makan desert is in which country

Ans : Northern China

31.Chihuahuan desert is in

Ans : Mexico/southwestern United States

32.Great Victoria desert is in

Ans : Southwestern Australia

33.Great Sandy desert is in

Ans : Northwestern Australia

34.Rub al Khali desert in in

Ans : Southern Arabian peninsula

35.Patagonian desert is in which country

Ans : Argentina

36.Congo river falls into which ocean

Ans : Atlantic Ocean

37.The fifth largest river in the world is

Ans : Congo river

38.The second longest river in Africa after the Nile is

Ans : Congo

39.Earth is the third nearest planet to the Sun orbiting between the planets

Ans : Venus and Mars

40.The wind blowing in a spiral form around a region of low atmospheric pressure is a

Ans : Cyclone

41.What is a leap year

Ans : Year in which the month of February has 29 days

42.What is called the two points in the calender when we experience the longest day or the longest night of the year

Ans : Solstice

43.Term applied to either of the two points in the ecliptic at which the sun is farthest from the celestial equator

Ans : Solstice

44.The equinoxes occur around

Ans : March 21 and September 23

45.One of two times of year when the sun position makes day and night of nearly equal length in all parts of the earth

Ans : Equinoxes

46.Earth moves faster at

Ans : Perihelion

47.Earths distance from the sun has little to do with seasons. Instead, what causes seasonal climate changes

Ans : The tilt of the earth on its axis

48.The earth's perihelion occurs in the month of

Ans : January

49.The earths aphelion occurs in the month of

Ans : July

50.The earths aphelion is only about ....... km farther away from the sun than its perihelion

Ans : 5.9 million



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